PalCare is now validated for Secure Messaging in Australia

We have been working with the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) as part
of their Secure Messaging Industry Offer (SMIO) to achieve compliance with new
Australian industry standards around secure messaging (including FHIR).
We are happy to announce that we have passed the ADHA validation process
and can now start making this functionality available to services. There are two
parts to these improvements:
  1. Services will be able to enjoy enhanced searching across secure messaging providers by using a federated provider directory service.
  2. PalCare users will be able to exchange electronic messages, including referrals and correspondence, securely with different secure messaging enabled software products, using standardised messages.
The benefits of secure messaging include:
  • Secure exchange of clinical information such as eReferrals, preventing unauthorised interception of the message content. 
  • Reduced use of paper correspondence such as faxing then scanning, resulting in time savings.
  • Notification of successful message delivery, so that services can be sure that messages have been received by the other organisation. 
  • Notification of unsuccessful message delivery, so that services are aware that their message has not been received by the other party, and why.
We are currently in the process of integrating with Australian provider directories compliant with FHIR. These directories are maintained by secure messaging vendors, and will allow PalCare users to easily search for, import and send referrals and correspondence securely to other providers (e.g. doctors and specialists).
This functionality will be available from PalCare general release version 3.30, planned for February 2021. Further information will be provided to services in the coming weeks. For further information about secure messaging, please refer to the ADHA website
Updated 16/11/2020

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