“[With PalCare] after hours care is a lot safer because wherever the person is taking the call from, whether it’s a doctor on call from home or anyone at the inpatient unit, they can be sure they have the up-to-the-minute information." 

E. Paske (Clinical Director, Mary Potter Hospice 2011).

About Us

PalCare is a secure, encrypted, web-based patient information management system. It is used extensively throughout the Palliative Care sector Australia and New Zealand.

The core components of PalCare are:

  • Patient demographic details
  • Care plans / progress notes
  • Medical and psychosocial / spiritual history
  • Family Network module (carer and bereavement support)
  • Medications, including full MIMS integration
  • Validated assessment tools
  • Service provider listings
  • Client equipment
  • Risk Management
  • Hospital and hospice admissions
  • Discharges, death and bereavement
  • Occasions of service / clinical contacts recording
  • Visit scheduler
  • Reporting module, with detailed internal and external reporting functions.


PalCare allows organisations to record and access client information in real-time, from multiple locations (wherever there is internet access) and by multiple disciplines involved in the care of the patient.

This is achieved using HTTPS and PKI digital certificate technology for user authentication, and 256 bit SSL encryption.

PalCare can be accessed via laptop or desktop computers, tablets or smartphones.

PalCare is designed to comply with minimum data set reporting requirements for statutory government obligations.

Our state of the art servers use HTTPS and PKI digital certificate technology providing authentication and 256 bit SSL data encryption.

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